Foreign exchange rates and currency conversion JSON API

CurexAPI offers a user-friendly API, providing up-to-date and historical foreign exchange (forex) rates in a lightweight and accessible manner.

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    "source": USD,
    "date": "2023-07-26",
    "rates": {
        "CAD": 1.321068,
        "CHF": 0.862173,
        "EUR": 0.902390,
        "GBP": 0.774201,
        [170 world currencies]

Effortlessly access accurate exchange rates with our user-friendly JSON API, the ultimate solution for your needs.

Leverage our user-friendly JSON API to effortlessly access the most accurate exchange rate data, making it the ultimate solution for your currency needs. With a scalable infrastructure, it can handle anything from a few requests to thousands per second, ensuring a seamless experience for developers and businesses alike.

Updated Every Minute

Access up-to-the-minute, precise, and dependable foreign exchange rate information for numerous global currencies, refreshed at intervals as frequent as every minute.

Trusted Worlwide

CurexAPI is the go-to platform for real-time exchange rates, trusted by developers, SMBs, and major corporations daily. With robust data sources and over 3 years of expertise, it solidifies its position as the top resource in the field.

170+ Currencies

Through seamless integration with multiple esteemed foreign exchange rate sources, our API provides access to the latest and most precise rates for over 200 currency pairs.

Simple, Quick & Reliable

Leverage a flexible infrastructure capable of managing anything from a few daily requests to handling thousands of API requests per second with ease.

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Our clean, understandable, easy to integrate and stable API service is currently free.



  • 10.000 API Calls

  • 10-minute Updates

  • Historical Rates

  • Standard Support

  • HTTPS Encryption

  • Currency Conversion

  • Time-Frame Queries

  • Currency-Change Queries

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Michael Morrell

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